Sakharov Archives. Library

The foundation of the library -  books, magazines, newspapers donative to Archive by  E.G.Bonner into gratuitous use from her and Sakharov personal libraries.

 Now book fund of the library includes over 1800 units of issue, the fund of periodical press - over 14000 publications from  native and  foreign mass media well-ordered on library topics.

Topics of the library and their content:

- «Works of A.D.Sakharov» (scientific, popular scientific, publicistic and other genres) – over 250 books and beyond 3000 publications. At the disposal of library users are  collected editions in russian and foreign languages of the first publicistic work  "Progress, Coexistence, and Intellectual Freedom" "Memoirs", "Constitution of the Union of Europe and Asia", collection "Sakharov speaks" and many other works. All publications of A.D.Sakharov are included into bibliographic database of Archive. Also the missing publications are stated.

 - «Literature about life and activity of  A.D.Sakharov» – around 300 books and over 10000 publications in periodicals.

 - «Works of E.G.Bonner and literature about life and activity» – over 60 books and 1000 publications in periodicals in russian and foreign languages.  Archive contributors compiled collection of articles, interviews, statements of E.G.Bonner over a period of time 1990 - 2002 years with a complete bibliography of works.

- «Library of A.D.Sakharov and E.G.Bonner» – over 700 books and magazines, including  notes and bookmarks of Sakharov and Bonner, books with  dedicatory inscriptions to Sakharov and Bonner.

- «Works of D.I.Sakharov», father of A.D.Sakharov, well-known pedagogue-physicist  and methodologist – over 90 issues in russian and foreign languages. Biobibliography  "Dmitry Ivanovich Sakharov"  was issued by Archive in 2003 year.

- «Library of  D.I. Sakharov » –  nearby 120 books from the personal library of A.D.Sakharov father.

- «Materials of 'tamizdat' (abroad issues)» – russian periodical and single issues of  1970–1980 years, published in USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Canada, Israel. «Tamizdat» present  complete set of magazines  «Chronicle of current events», «Chronicle of  human rights protection  in USSR» (in rus. and engl. languages),  «Collection of documents of Public group  of assistance to accomplishment of  Helsinki Accord», as well as by incomplete sets of like magazines  «Continent», «Posev», «Country and world», «Time and we» and others. Part of  "tamizdat" materials  was passed  to the library of  Museum and public center by Andrei Sakharov.

Collection of issues on scientific topic was included into the library fund – over 70 books, including  «Atomic project in USSR», «Personnels».

Acquisition of library funds continues.