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Archive materials include 3funds, 4 collections:

  • Personal fund 1 «Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov»

  • Personal fund № 2 «Elena Georgievna Bonner»

  • Fund  № 3 «Materials on history of the remedial movement»

  • Collection of  materials  on scientific and humanitarian problems collected by A.D.Sakharov

  • Collection of  materials from KGB USSR and Central Committee of the CPSU archives  about public work of A.D.Sakharov and E.G.Bonner 1968-1989 yrs.

  • Collection of  materials about life and creative activity of  D.I.Sakharov  (A.D.Sakharov father)

  • Collection of  materials about life and political activity of Martemyan Ryutin (1890-1937 yrs.)

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