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  1.   Museum and public center "Peace, progress , human rights" by name of Andrei Sakharov. Moscow

  2.  American Institute of Physics.

  3.  -  Site of the "Yabloko" party.

  4.  -  The Andrey Sakharov Foundation (USA).

  5. - Gennadiy Gorelic. Andrei Sakharov and his world.

  6. - "Solo by the board and in the friendly company". From the book "Lion and atom".

  7.  - S.A. Novikov. The peaceful nuclear explosions.

  8. - I.N.Golovin. A.D.Sakharov- the founder of the controlled thermonuclear synthesis researches in our country.

  9. - World in a half century by Sakharov.

  10. - The faculty of a common and applied physics. To honest rating: the controlled nuclear synthesis. The researches.

  11. - V. Ritus. Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov.

  12. - Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov.

  13. - The stagnation (from Chrutschev to Gorbachev).

  14. Doctor of phys.-math. sciences Mark Perelman - publicism. The site involves the essay of M.E.Perelman on A.D.Sakharov
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